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multiple 1gbe to switch

Will 2 1gbe connections make 2gbe going into a 1 gbe switch. Assuming the server also has 2 1 gbe connections?

I am designing a network and trying to decide on buying a 10gbe switch or use the 1 gbe switch already there.

This will be used for heavy video eiditing of 4k footage. I an hoping to get 400mbs minimum.
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Yes if you team the interfaces. However, make sure you trunk them on the switch as well.
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We normally can aggregate and increase bandwidth from servers to our Cisco switches. However, you check to see if your NIC's support LACP or PAGP then set your switches accordingly.  Hence why I mentioned Teaming your NIC cards and setting up trunking on your switch.  Speaking of which what type of switch are you looking at?
Yes, trunking or LACP can give you the 400mbs you seek (roughly) using 4 nics...

1Gb is (in ideal circumstances) about 120mbs, so 4x120mbs = 480mbs ... Now it's actually so that the traffic will be divided over the 4 different nics ... loadbalancing it over the different nics so to speak ...

If you have the opportunity to go for 10Gb I'd consider it, though for video it's also beneficial to look into HDD performance, because what good is a high speed network when the HDD is the bottleneck ...
If you're going for the 10GB and need the video performance and have a budget I would go with the Cisco UCS platform.  It will give you 10G and servers for all VM's
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I'm looking at this switch:

I am also thinking of using the existing 1gbe switch and NIC teaming the server to it  x4. I'm not sure that 1gbe is going to be fast enough for editing 4k footage though. I am almost certain that I will need 10gbe switch, though I thought I would try to weigh out myoptions.
That switch looks like it should provide great bandwidth and it will allow you to team your nics.
Really? No credit when I initially brought up teaming and trunking ? Not even a percentage ?
I cant believe we are arguing over credit. I guess thats how this site works. Anyway, if you look at the times, the guy I gave the credit submitted within minutes of you and had a more thought out answer. So I concluded he actually beat you to responding given his response took longer to type.

I am still getting use to the credit system. Can I still give you credit? Do I give everyone credit who responds?

I appreciate all the responses.
No it's fine. Just wanted to point it out. That way the next time you have multiple people who actually contributed to help you with a solution, that they received some type of credit as you feel based on their support to you. Every little bit helps add up.

Anyway, glad I was able to help a bit. :)