Table Row always at the same distance of the bottom

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Hi all,

I need to do an effect similar than the one at this page:

Please notice the Brown bar at the middle-lower portion of the screen (the one with some spanish text on it).

When you change the size of the browser, the distance between the end of that bar and the bottom of the browser is always the same (see attached image).

how can I accomplish that?

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That is not coded very intelligently.

The background "contains" the form - but in the markup this is not the case.

All they have done there is absolutely positioned a <div> 50px from the bottom of the page.

It is not a table row - there are no tables in the markup.

How you implement this on your page is entirely dependent on your page's markup.


Hi Julian!

I figured it out and did it all with DIVs.

thanks for your answer!
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You are welcome - thanks for the points.

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