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Rupert Eghardt
Rupert Eghardt used Ask the Experts™
Hi Guys,

We are on Exchange 2013, SP1, CU3

1.  I am having problems moving some mailboxes in Exchange 2013 from Exchange 2007 via the Exchange Admin Center.

I am selecting the mailbox, then select "Move Mailbox: to another database"
Enter the batch name, target database, bad item limit, and submitting the batch.

Looking at the "migration batch status" window, the batch shows "syncing"
"View details screen" is empty.

After a while the batch shows "Completed", but nothing happened, the mailbox is still on the same server / same database, even after several hours.

I checked the migration log file, but no entries appear for this mailbox.

I then tried the command line, new-moverequest - identity "mailbox"
* This worked, and with the Get-MoveRequestStatistics cmdlet I am able to see the progress of the action.

Some mailboxes move successfully via the EAC, but others do absolutely nothing, not even an error message.  
Does anyone experience the same, is this a bug in EAC?

2.  Another problem, when trying to move a mailbox from 2013 back to the 2007 server,
I get the following error message:
Mailbox database "DB01" is not unique.

I guess Exchange 2013 is trying to create this database on the 2013 Exch server, instead of moving the mailbox to the target database on the 2007 Exch server.

I am using command line:

New-MoveRequest -Identity 'mailbox' -TargetDatabase "DB01"

* not sure if there is a way to specify the target-server in this command line?
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Gareth GudgerSolution Architect
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Just real quick, what service pack and cumulative update is your 2007 server on?
Rupert EghardtProgrammer


The latest for coexistance with 2013
2007 SP3, not sure about CU.
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jrhelgesonSolutions Architect

In active directory, ensure that the user account has 'inherit permissions from parent' set for that user account.
Thanks guys,

I found the following command, which worked moving the user back to Exch 2007;

'Local-Domain (FQDN)/users/Full User Name' | new-MoveRequest -BadItemLimit '100' -TargetDatabase 'Server\First Storage Group\xxx Mailbox Database'

I then used:
Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity 'User e-mail address'
Which shows the progress of the mailbox move
Rupert EghardtProgrammer


This solutions works, tried with different mailboxes

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