Is syslog message will cause network congestion ?

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Hi ,
I needed a centralized logging server to consolidate all network device logs.
is it not going to cause network congestion  and affect my switches to go down.

as i have seen same results when we deploy images using  WDS  server, that also uses UDP?

Please advice.
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Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015
It would depend on how many devices are logging to the syslog server, the speed of the links the logging messages will traverse and what logging level the devices are set to.

Unless you have 100 devices, slow links and logging at the highest levels, it shouldn't be a problem.
AkinsdNetwork Administrator
Syslog Server is a Must have on a network for any time conscious engineer.

Worst case scenario (if you have a dedicated management vlan) is to limit the bandwidth for the vlan.

Start by configuring the server and see if there's a network impact and set the volume levels as desired.

One thing to consider also is, the higher the logging level, the bigger the files stored on the syslog server, so HDD space on the server is also a consideration


i do not understand when you say
"Worst case scenario (if you have a dedicated management vlan) is to limit the bandwidth for the vlan. "
we have a management vlan 200 , every body have it for out of band management  ?
Network Administrator
Great, Management vlan is primarily the vlan you assign your network devices to.

Let's assume all your switches, routers, firewall, wireless controllers etc all belong to vlan 200 for purpose of management, eg telnet, ping etc. All you need to do, if you experience congestion (worst case scenario) is to limit the bandwidth for vlan 200.

In other words, implement syslog first. If you experience issues, then limit the bandwidth to the management vlan


thanks guys

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