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I have a need to place a formula in a cell that does the following in row 2:

If K2 is less than TODAY  answer "Past Due"
If K2 is greater than or equal to TODAY    answer "Future"
If K2 is "" look at H2,  if H2 is blank  answer "Future"
If K2 is "" look at H2,  if H2 is < TODAY  answer "Past Due"
If K2 is "" look at H2,  if H2 is > or equal to TODAY   answer  "Future"

This type of formula is beyond me... and I am not sure if I can get this all into one nested if?
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By TODAY do you mean today's date or do you mean the string "TODAY"?

=IF(K2="",IF(OR(H2="",H2>=TODAY()),"Future","Past due"),IF(K2<TODAY(),"Past due","Future"))


let me test this before I close it..  Thanks.


Thanks for the help

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