What art the pros and cons of having a database language based on an industry accepted standard?

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What are the benefits to a standardized database language like SQL and what are the drawbacks? What are the benefits and drawbacks to an accepted industry standard of a Structured Query Language?
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David VanZandtOracle Database Administrator III
1.  It follows industry standards.  Obvious value.
2.  It follows industry standards.  Awkward to customize.
3.  There are Standards, and then there are standards.  To wit, Microsoft and Oracle have had competing standards.

Seriously, though, I would not want to think of working with a 21st century architecture that was incompatible across different platforms, or different vendors.
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I wrote software 20 years that required me to create my own database code.  It took about three months to do that.  There were no software utilities that I could use to do anything with that database.

The number one benefit of SQL is that it makes things fairly easy.  With SQL, there are many utilities to work with and interfaces built into most programming languages.  To duplicate even part of what MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server do would take years.

There are database that use languages other than SQL.  They are usually for more difficult problems, not easier ones.
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This sounds a lot like a homework or exam question.

I caution fellow Experts to pay attention to:

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