Adding SSL to a website

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I have a website say

There is a section for clients to login

I want that section to be secured using an ssl certificate.

I buy an ssl certificate for and add it to the server.

I want to users to still be able to access using http but be forced to use https if they browser to  The website is running IIS 7.5.

Is there an easy way to do this?
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Go to the ssl settings for that directory on your site and check "require ssl"

Step by step details following.
Run inetmgr

expand the computer node
Expand the site
Click on the folder you want to secure

Click on SSL settings in the center pane

Check the require ssl box and continue from there

then run from a command prompt

iisreset /noforce


Any coding need to be changed on the site?  When I make this change and a user goes to are they redirect to automatically or do I need to do that on IIS?
If you want to redirect them, you can do a URL rewrite
Here is a video on how to accomplish that:

the change above simply denies access unless you are requesting the page with https

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