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I have Windows 2008 R2 servers in a Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment with IE9 as the default browser.  We are experiencing an issue where several unrelated in house web based applications stop printing during the day.  In our Windows 2003 R2  32-bit Terminal Server IE8 environment the applications run without issue.  

We have a GPO that prevents access to the 64 bit version of IE9, so if it was that the application would fail to print all the time.  

Anyone have an idea?
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Why don't you try by disabling that policy?


The policy prevents any user from launching the 64 bit IE browser.  We did this because people kept accidentally using the 64 bit browser which is incompatible with so many things.  

It stands to reason if the policy were the problem it would never work, not quit working after a couple hours use.
Create a test user and try without applying that policy. This is just for finding reasons.
We found the problem to be the user account that the Citrix Print Manager service was using.  It was running with the local service account not the Local System account as it required.  This fixed the application hanging during print issue.  

Thanks for your help.



It truly was the source of the problem.  We changed the settings and it immediately fixed the problem

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