windows 8 and SBS 2011 compatibility

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I just installed windows 2008 pro on my dell precision laptop M4300 previously running windows XP. and connected it to my domain controller running SBS 2011 with no problem.  I can access the network with no problem.  I am having difficulty logging off though.  The only option I see is, "sign out" on my user icon options on the start screen.

Are these two versions compatible?
How do I log off the domain?
When I sign out, it starts to do something but then returns to the start screen and I am still "Signed In".  Even if I restart the computer, it restarts and automatically logs me in.  
As a side issue, is this a security issue between the two operating systems?
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Server 2008 or Windows 8?
I assume the latter.  Sign out is the same as log off.
If it is logging back in automatically you may need to make changes as per the following article, but I am surprised that is happening on a domain joined machine.  The article tells you how to enable and disable automatic logon.
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change from a microsoft account to a local account.  The windows 8 logoff should be under your user account. Sign out is the same as logof
from a command prompt
control userpasswords2 and check users must enter a username and  password to access this system.
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To the best of my knowledge the "users must enter a username and  password to access this system" option will not be an option on a domain joined machine.  However it should be enforced once joined to the domain, which is why this is odd.

If that doesn't wok the link above also shows you the necessary registry change.


I'm pretty sure this is the correct answer now that I see that the only account on the machine is a Microsoft account.
Now, How do I create a domain account on this machine?
I don't understand How I can log on to the domain, from this machine if it is not a domain account.
Obviously something I don't understand about what a Microsoft Account is.

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