Can't open password protected Excel spreadsheet when document is in a network share

Robert Reisig
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The issue is: we have a user who was recently given a new Win7 desktop, with Office 2010. He routinely receives confidential Excel spreadsheets that are password protected; when he receives them via email he drops them into his home network share, on a Windows network server.

If he opens the document from the share, he's prompted for the password but after entering it the document doesn't open - only Excel opens, with no open documents visible.

If he has a spreadsheet already open, and opens the document, he enters the password and it works.

if he copies the spreadsheet to his desktop, it opens after entering the password. It's only an issue if opened from the share, and it's the first doc being opened in Excel.

Anyone have any ideas or comments? A very strange one...
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I have seen this before.

Not ideal but what I had to do was get the user to copy the document locally.
Then open.
Then save as, back to the desktop.

Then copy back onto network share. Then seemed to be ok to open after that again.

It could be opening minimised. On the View tab to the far right should be a Switch Windows button. If he clicks that and selects the file name does it display?


Rartemass -

It seems that only Excel is opening. Switch Window doesn't show any options and virtually all other buttons on the ribbon are 'ghosted', as they would be if only Excel is open, w/out an open document in it.

Jerseysam -

Will do and done, and that's the work around we're using now. That seems to be OK for now but the matter is still open - very confusing.

Thanks to both of you for your input and suggestions! I'm going to close this for now -

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