Can I add a router to the comcast phone modem?

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My current network is a slow when kids play their internet games, which is impacting our netflicts etc…. That router is an old airport extreme.

I considered upgrading to a 802.11ac but then I'd have to update my other devices, etc… so I decided to put that off. What I'm considering instead is to setup a second network off of the comcast phone modem. That is a Arris TM502g. Can I just configure a second router off of that?

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TomMicrosoft ISV Partner
Yes you can, on an different IP address. But better to put your kids on cable and get them off the WiFi. Just tell them how much faster their games will be. :-)
Yes, you can add another modem and have your new router plug into your Comcast router/modem.  If you are using other services from Comcast and need to keep that unit in place for for phone and internet services, you can have the router portion of the device put into Bridge mode. This allows the modem to work but turn off the router. You would then connect a new router to it and use that device.

If you are trying to use two routers to get away from the bandwidth your kids use, then the only other way is to create two vlans, one for you and one for your kids. Based in the functionality you have in your router, you could limit them to so much total band with on their vlan and use the rest on yours.

Hope this helps!
Adonis SardinasInformation Security Consultant
Plan A, Upgrade your plans speed. worth it.

Plan B, as TG-TIS & Tru3533 said.
You can add a 2nd router behind your COmcast Gateway/Modem/Router of which you can QoS and slow down your kids network.

Or vLan.

To my knowledge, comcast can upgrade your modem/Gateway/ROuter for a Wireless one. If you are leasing your current modem from them, Call and tell them you are having random issues and or if they can replace it.
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TomMicrosoft ISV Partner
Adonis Sardinas said: Plan A, Upgrade your plans speed. worth it.

No its not worth it.
They are all on WiFi so each physical WiFi connection will divide the bandwith in half, so they will not get the faster upgrade speed anyway, due to the bottleneck from WiFi


Sorry, some ignorant questions.

It sounds like I can leverage the comcast modem by plugging a router into its ethernet port, but then I have to put it in bridge mode. Is that because it is sharing the AP with the phone? Could I avoid that by adding another modem of my own?

So then I'd have.
1. Comcast modem with just the phone line
2. My first surfboard modem with my airport extreme (.11N) router.
3. A 3rd modem with another N router.

I'll put the kids on cable for now…but I'm trying to learn something (old dog, new tricks)

I have been toying with the idea of replacing the comcast modem to avoid the monthly lease. (tightwad..;-)
So have I answered your question?
TomMicrosoft ISV Partner

Replacing the Comcast modem? and not paying the monthly fee? Bad boy.... :-)

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