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Exchange 2003 systme manager and Active Directory Extension problems

We currently have old Dell servers with Widows 2003 standard installed on a domain controller/active directory box that is file server, also on another that is Terminal Server and finally on a separate server running Exchange 2003.   We had not had any issues with email until we needed to add a new user this week and found that since we last added one in November last year, we are unable to add the user in the Exchange Server's active directory.  We can create the user on the domain controller for all other network use but not on Exchange to give them email.

We are going to new servers with Windows 2012 and Exchange 2010 but did not plan on it until next month. (June)

The old Exchange 2003 server was low on disk space and we moved everything we could off of it and it has been running email fine as mentioned.  We are afraid that someone moved something necessary for active directory and Exchange Extension or something is corrupted in the system somewhere.

When we go into Active Directory users and computers under start-programs-Exchange we can see all the users fine.  if we right click on the user created in the domain server  we get box that is titled "Microsoft Active Directory- Exchange Extension"  in it it has this

Facility: Win32
ID no:c0070002
Microsoft Active Directory- Exchange Extension

we click ok and it stays in the AD Users and Computers. we can then right click again and if we pick "properties" we get a box titled "Snap-in Error"
 with the following:

MMC has detected an error in a snap-in. It is recommended that you shut down and restart MMC     With option to report the error to MS or ignore and continue running.

We can do some other things when right click like change password for user etc. So it appears that Exchange Snap-in or AD Extension is corrupt???

I am at a loss as to what to try at this point.  We need the new user to get email asap and we don't have the time to setup three new servers in the next day or so.  

Our plan for new servers is to set them up as complete new network and just copy over data, doc. xls files and accounting data etc and reinstall the accounting apps.  We won't try to migrate from old Exchange 2003 even if it were working correctly.  We plan to export the PST files for each user and then import them into outlook and new Exchange 2010.

There are only 18 users so it will be a pain but not overwhelming.

Any suggestions on what to do with the old Exchange 2003 to figure out how to repair and get a new user setup so that we can calmly go about the new network setup over the next few weeks when we have time?

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So would I want to install this (6 and 7 first maybe as you say) on the Exchange server I assume not the domain  controller which is running the AD .

Think there is any chance this can break what is working with the email?

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also not knowing what someone may have moved to another drive to make space, I assume that if they moved something in the i386 folder then that may be why things are missing or corrupt ?
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oops just re read this.  It appears they are referencing using a client work station running windows XP for this and not doing it on the Windows 2003 Server running the Exchange 2003?
Microsoft always has a server OS to match a client OS. With XP its 2003. With Vista it was 2008. With 7 it was 2008 R2 and so on. So, any commands listed for XP are compatible with Server 2003.

This should not affect mail flow in any way.

But if you are concerned you could do this process on a workstation and just manage everything from that workstation until you migrate.
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I did it on their Windows 2003 Terminal Server and it seemed to work.  But a couple things.  I went in active directory users and computers on the Terminal Server and deleted the user for her we setup on the domain controller Monday.

I then copied the user that is the employee she is replacing.  IN the Exchange email section of her properties it created 3 of the 4 email entries we have.  We have

smtp     dps@company.local
X400     c=US; a= ;p-FO company: o=Exchange...

it did not have the entry for

I added it manually in the user properties Exchange tab

I logged into a workstation as her user name. Opened Outlook and it went through the auto setup of her Exchange email.  Now I can get email from her but when I send mail it doesn't go through to her and I get immediate bounce back  

Says invalid recipient. Not sure what I have wrong now since she can send but not receive.
I can check the data files etc in Outlook later today, beat tonight!

any thoughts?
When you are testing are you trying from an external source? Or from another internal users?


Try sending to herself


Try sending from another internal user.


Try sending from an external user.
If the external user fails, do you have an anti-spam solution in place? Is it doing AD harvesting?

You may also need to allow for replication.
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Ah  thanks for tips. I only have had 2 hours seep and a bit hazy !

1  didn't try sending to herself.  will do it.

2  all internal users on network I have tried seem to send and receive ok to and from her.

3  I am actually remote in another s=city and when I send as myself to her it is external. and that appears not to work regardless of if I send from my separate different busainess email or from and AOL account I also use for testing.

There may indeed be anti spam in place.  They have MxToolBox doing spam and backup email services now that I think of it. although not sure it is totally implemented yet. I will check with them.

Not sure how you mean replication in this case?

You should be able to Manage the Exchange 2003 server from another:

Server 2003 simply by installing the Exchange 2003 Management tools
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These tools would be different than the original way  above that we did for adding the Exchange Tabs in Active Directory users and computers???

Also can your links and downloads be used to install on the Windows 2003 Server that is their Terminal Server as I did with the other download?

Plus what exactly will this do for me?  I am having problem with outside emails getting in?

Sorry a bit tired and confused
I would check with MXToolbox. If they have AD harvesting enabled (which automatically drops emails addressed to users that don't exist in your AD) then it may be a matter of replication between MXToolbox and the DC.

If there is a replication software from MXToolbox on a DC this may be a manual process of hitting a sync button or is set for a replication interval of some number.

If they don't have a sync agent, you may have to log into MXToolbox and configure the user as a valid user.
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ok thanks that is kind of what I am figuring this to be..  I was also just told that some of the folks in the office with aliases are not getting all their emails evidently if not addressed properly.  Evidently since MXToolbox was setup 6 months ago.

I think that some users have both  and first initial last name@

emails coming through and others only one or the other address.  I think it is how MXToolbox was originally setup.  Not all the email addresses were configured on their system.  There isn't a sync app so I need to get in touch with them or else login to the interface of theirs and fix.  Once I find user name and password !

thanks getting closer!
Yep, sounds like a plan. Not sure how committed you are to MXToolbox, but Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection is $2 a user/mo and includes DirSync. DirSync runs on your server and synchronizes all the valid users/emails to their platform automatically.
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ok thanks.  Does the  Exchangeonline protection provide good spam filtering I would assume so ?
Yes, I have used it for years, even in its previous iterations as ForeFront Online Protection for Exchange and Frontbirdge. Its been solid.
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ok thanks will let you know the status of next step
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Thanks for the heads up on all this. really help save us!