how do set items in a combo box on a datagridview

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I can create a datagrid porgrammatically but can't figure out how to tell the combo box what items to display.
in some cases depending on who is logged in there will be 4 items to select and for other people there will be 5.
I could put 2 datagrids on the form and hide one, but I'd sooner create the datagridview when needed and set the combo box items as required before it is visible.
I have looked at numerous examples but either I am being really dense or they do not show what I'm trying to do.
what i need to do is create a datagrid view with a several text columns and one that has a combo box where they have to select the answer.
can someone point me to an example that does this????

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Are you trying to populate the Combo Box from database? Where do you have the data? In a Collection or a comma separated strings?
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the original datagridview they are hard coded, which I don't want to do.
Now they are in a table and will be read with a query.

I just glanced over at the article and will read it completely, looks to be what I want to do.


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