w32.downadup source infection

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Hi all, we have an intermittent problem with the downadup virus. We have AV installed but it keeps poping up on ou network. Is there a way to track the source computer?

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Manjunath SulladTechnical Consultant

If you run netstat -no on computer..

It will show you IP address of destination computers and it will show you which IP address its referreing to.
Only shows the DNS server
Manjunath SulladTechnical Consultant

Update the Antivirus and scan completely....
If you know the name of the infected file being dropped on the network, you could try installed wireshark or any other network traffic monitoring tool.


Remove the virus from the computer that is infected, install wireshark, then start it monitoring. Once you have determined that the infection is again present, stop wireshark and scan the log file for the infected file name. Once found, it should give you the IP address of the source of the file.

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