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Just wanted some recommendations

I need to set a few VM's on a server, so what is best?

1) Install Windows Server 2012 essentials & then install the Hyper-V role?


2) Install Windows Server Hyper-V & run Essentials as a VM

I need to set the main server as a DC & DHCP server..so

Can the WS hyper-v be a DC & DHCP server too, then when Essentials running, join the forest created on the Hyper-V?

Thank you

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As far as I know you even cannot install the hyper-v role within 2012 Essentials. If it is possible than it is certain not recommended.

Here is the answer: http://windowsitpro.com/windows-server-2012/q-does-windows-server-2012-essentials-or-foundation-include-hyper-v-role

You have to install a Windows 2012 Standard or Datacenter or Hyper-V server on the hardware enable the Hyper-V role and install Essentials as a VM.

It always recommended when doing virtualization to only enable the hyper-v role and use this installation only as hyper-visor and no other roles. Only exceptions could be backup or management software.

The Essentials server should be you main DC and hold DNS and DHCP, you can join the Hyper-V server to this domain but mostly it is recommended to leave this server outside the domain as a workgroup server.

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