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java error

on oracle reports , java error comes
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Hope you have the latest Java update.

Go to Control Panel, Programs, double click on Java and go to the Security Tab.
Set security to medium.

If you can't see the Security level slider uninstall all old updates and reinstall the latest Java update.
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Java no longer supports self-signed code in the default security settings

Please in future don't attach proprietary-formatted files. These can cause problems even for owners of earlier versions of the same proprietary software. Please use open formats. In this case, all you need have done is simply attached (or better, embedded) a png file. That way, a lot more people can get to see it.
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want to remove installing automatic update of java on network computers .
The 'Application Blocked' message is from Windows - Firewall setting prevents internet access by Java. If you want to prevent automatic update - this is already working since Java is blocked by the firewall.
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java is required for customized application , but it doesnt work on latest java , so it needs to cancel updating latest java . when it installs latest java , application blocked message comes
Can you add java to windows firewall (allow) and test customized application?
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the issue is application works only with old java , if incase installs new java , it gets below message . so it needs to rule that for this application only opens by old java
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when it installs latest java , application blocked message comes
Yes, that's because allowing code that's not properly signed is dangerous. To allow an old runtime with serious security holes to run is very dangerous. You do know that Java is probably the number one malware vector don't you? Make sure the code is professionally signed - you're fighting a battle you'll lose otherwise