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Putting RDC Links on Sharepoint.

Hi All.

As an IT  support company we RDC into many servers.

A few of our engineers have asked if it is possible to put RDC links onto our main SharePoint 2010 Company Web Intranet page.

In essence all we are looking for is a link - icon, what ever it is on the Main SharePoint page that allows our engineers to click and up pops the remote web page ready for login.

Our engineers often hot desk and when they log in they don't have all the RDP icons on their desktop page because its not their PC.

In summary our server is SBS2011 and all desktop PC's are Windows 7

Thank you

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Andy,

Have you already ruled out using the builtin SBS2011 Remote Web Workplace RDC links?

SBS2011 comes with a nice builtin Remote Web Workplace portal and you can use the SBS console to make it easy to publish different RDC icons depending on who is logged in to that portal. It is also a good starting point to get to SharePoint, WebMail, Shared Drives etc.

For example if you visit https://localhost/remote on the SBS and login you'll see what I mean.

More info here:

If you really just want the RDC files strored on SharePoint, I think you might need to add a MIME type entry on IIS to set the .RDC file to open with an application. Also if SharePoint wont let you upload the .RDC files you'll need to allow them in the SharePoint Site Management settings.

Best regards.
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Hi Xaichen

Thanks for the help.

Not sure if we are at cross purposes here - please allow me to check.

We use the remote portal all the time - but it can be slow - so we prefer to use the 'Remote Desktop Connection' program built in to windows and RDC directly into our clients servers.

Why we are looking for is a centralised webpage on OUR sharepoint where we can list these RDC icons and simply click one and it will take us to the Server login screen for Customer A or click another one and it will take us to the login screen for Customer B and so-on.

I THINK you are referring to the standard remote portal for each customer we have - but that takes too long to navigate through.

Thanks Again.
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Hi Xaichen.

Spot-on my Man - cool.... thank you.

You were right with your last comment - IE is asking to save first and then allows you to click OPEN.

By clicking on SAVE it adds to the users DOWNLOAD each time 'RDP (1), RDP (2) etc., and although only small files, this will require additional management

Is there anyway to stop this behaviour from happening?

Thanks again
excellent concise answer, stayed engaged and understood what was needed.
Hi Andy,

I'll have a play to see if I can get it working and let you know. I'm sure it used to be seamless for at least one older version of IE, though I recall never getting it to work fluidly for Firefox and Chrome.

Best regards.