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'sleep mode' kills keyboard and mouse?

OS : Mavericks
Keyboard: cable
Touchpad: bluetooth

Problem: after waking up my mac mini from sleep my keyboard and touchpad won't work ... connecting a wired mouse will allow me to move the mouse pointer but I still can't enter text ... I have to completely shutdown and restart the computer to get everything to work again!?

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
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Have you tried resetting the PRAM to see if that helps?  Command+Option+P+R

Have you made sure you've patched your mac?  A fix should have come out last year.
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You mean resetting NVRAM?

And it seems that fix is for MacBook Pros only? I've got a mac mini with a wireless trackpad ...
That should work for all Macs.
Resetting the NVRAM seems to have helped ... so far.
It frequently does for these minor hardware issues.  The pre-OSX macs needed resets more frequently.
Update: it still gets stuck in some sleep situations!? :( I then need to force a shutdown and restart the Mac ...
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Thanks, I'm gonna check it out! Although, thinking about it, the problem seems to have kind of disappeared on its own ...