Microsoft Office deployed in Windows VDI image on Citrix licensing

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Hi People,

I got 200 laptop users already installed with Office 2007 professional, I have just deployed 100x Citrix XenDesktop VDI desktop Windows 7 VM in the office to allow secure access to some VLAN with sensitive data.

In this VM image, the same Micrsoft Office edition is installed and made available to the users.

Can anyone here please assist me what licensing type do I need to get and how many ?

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you need software assurance for your licenses.
a nice explanation from:
"However, Office licenses that are covered with SA also have ERR, so if the user has a primary device at work that has Office/SA, then they can access Office from home or a coffee shop using their own personal device. This works exactly the same as the ERR SA benefit of VDA."

you should use a KMS server for the technical part of licensing...

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