How to set proxy settings for ARCHOS 7o Cobalt tablet

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I have a ARCHOS 7o Cobalt tablet. I am going to use for one of our staff to browse the internet.

I connected it to the wireless, but not sure how to enter the proxy server settings and the user name and password.

Any suggestions much appreciated
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Unless you have have proxy settings setup on your network, this should be blank.

Per this post here:

1. Go to Tools, Setting, Connectivity and reset wifi configuration
2.Go to internet, connection, find your internet connection and click it. The next screen will show "WPA key" You want this to be empty (in other words no password there). If there is a password go to advance settings and at the bottom of the screen hit "delete current configuration"'
3. Then go back to the home screen and back into internet, connection, and choose your internet access. Once there the wpa key should be empty.
4. Now hit advance settings and fill out "IP address, netwmask, gateway and DNS server. Proxy is not necessary. Port on mine was a default of 8080.
5. Hit the return button once this is filled out and now enter the wpa key and hit connect.
6. if this does not work, try unplugging the power on your router for 10 seconds. On mine I had to do this and now it is working perfectly.


Many Thanks

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