macbookpro touchpad is not working properly

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Hi I have MacBook pro , its touchpad is not scrolling properly I have to tap my fingers many times to scroll righ or left and unexpextedly its moving left and right
please advice
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One of the advantadges of apple products is the support. I would go to an Apple store and tell the problem in there. I'm sure they will provide a solution to you.
TomMicrosoft ISV Partner

1. Try to clean the pad with some cleaning liquid.
2. Did this happend after a specific installation of software?
3. Damaged pad
Do you by any chance have a usb or bluetooth mouse also connected to the MacBook?  Sometimes a mouse can interfere with the trackpad ... one overrides the other.

If there is no mouse or other input device in the equation, and you carefully clean the trackpad itself with a lint-free cloth and screenclean or mild cleaning solution ... then you need to call in Apple or Tech Support
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This can be caused by a swollen battery. The battery in some models of MacBook Pro are directly under the keypad. If your MacBook is one with a removable battery, take the battery out and see if the problem occurs running the MBP under power without the battery.
2nd Line Engineer
try PRAM reset to see if that helps.

Restart while holding Apple-Alt-P-R key together it will restart while you do that and see if that helps.

If that don't fix it then it is likely to be hardware issue with the track pad. I would go to Apple Store or an authorized reseller



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