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Remote control software for windows

I have some family members that call me for "tech support" on their windows PCs.  I am running W7 64; they are running W7, W8 and Vista

Years ago, I used to use Windows' built-in "little green man" to take control of their PCs, but as I recall, if they were behind a router, that often caused problems.  Don't know whether that is still the case.

What are you gurus using to support your friends/families that need you to take control of their windows PCs remotely and pros/cons?

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+1 Teamviewer is free for non-commercial use, although it is nag-ware.

You could also use Window's RDP (remote desktop protocol) but it is more complicated to set up especially if you don't have a static IP address.
I use logmeinrescue

Otherwise teamviewer
7 and 8 offer easy connect, which is comparable to teamviewer. - try it.
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use teamviewer.. user friendly no need to register like logmein...
TeamViewer is excellent (and free for personal use):

LogMeIn is also excellent, but they recently discontinued
their free version. Regards, Joe

I disagree with your comment. It's good to know that many people recommend the same product. I have been on numerous threads where the asker has said something like, "Well, it seems that XYZ is the clear winner. Based on all these positive comments about it, I'll give it a try."

In fact, here's a recent one, ironically also about TeamViewer:

Note that four Experts recommended TV and the asker was grateful, obviously drawing comfort from the numerous thumbs-up on TV:
Sounds like TeamViewer all the way. Thanks guys!
In fact, considering how valuable it is to have multiple Experts agree on a point, I think EE should implement a "+1" feature — perhaps a new "+1" icon on the formatting toolbar, something like this:

User generated imageClicking it would prompt for a post number, similar to the current Link icon:

User generated imageRegards, Joe
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Thanks - I agree with the +1 idea as long as respondents understand they are unlikely to get points for replicating a previously given solution (i.e. their +1 is an act of good will/being a good samaritan).

Thanks for all your posts --
Hi Sam,

> act of good will/being a good samaritan

Lots of that going on at EE. In fact, I'd say that most experts here, who are spending their time for zero monetary compensation trying to help strangers all over the world, are pretty much displaying the dictionary definitions of good will ("a kind, helpful, or friendly feeling or attitude") and good Samaritan ("a person who voluntarily offers help in times of trouble"). You don't really think that we're spending all these hours helping folks just for points and t-shirts — do you?! Regards, Joe
Thanks Joe - much appreciated.