Rouge devices limitation in Meru Wireless controller

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We have Meru Wireless controller MC3000  Version :  3.6.1 -67.
Enabled Virtual cell concept for seamless roaming of client devices.

Now we have observed many cochannel inteference over the same
Overlapping networks.

I understood that in virtual cell concept , every access point works with single channel.

Can we prevent :
1.  what configuration required to stop the cochannel / rouge devices interference.
2.  Is any other solution to make signal quality good

Attached the results of Overlapping / cochannel interferences

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Ok so the very first thing I'll say here is that your APs are way too close together if those results are correct.

Second thing is that as I understand Meru's virtual cell technology, all APs appear to be the same AP, so you shouldn't see multiple MAC addresses in InSSIDer.  The WLAN will appear to use the same BSSID (unique to each client).

Have you ensured that the Meru controller is configured correctly to enable Virtual Cell?


How to prevent co-channels and Overlappings in Meru networks.
Is there any config steps to stop Rouge interference .

Which freeware gives Signal to noise ratio values of the Wireless Nework display properly.

I have downloaded INSSIDER tool but it won't show SNR values but it shows link score..

What are the parameters choose under link score value
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I don't think you understood what I said in my previous post.

You are seeing interference from your own WLAN, not from rogue devices.

NetStumbler will show the SNR but you must use a WLAN card with a supported chipset.  However we don't care about SNR here - it just looks like you haven't configured Virtual Cell properly.



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