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Network Reporting Tool

I need a reporting tool that provides me with a daily or weekly report of the websites each employee browses on their network Pc. We are in a Windows 2008 R2 domain with 45 Pc’s and 5 servers.  With all the IE problems in the news, I’ve sent email to all users to limit browsing to business related sites but I expect my email is being ignored. I’m sure one employee watches videos every afternoon but I don’t have the time to check on her every day.
Short of watching each desktop which is impossible, I need a tool that will help. Preferably one less than $100. Any suggestions?
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Use proxy server such as squid.. is free
or you can use proxyinspector..
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proxyinspector is $699... way out of our budget. I downloaded it to my local pc and will test it. if there is a 30 day fully functional trial, I may install it on a server based on what I find on my local test.
I'll review WhatsUpGold later today. They don't list the prices... any idea what it runs for the basic version?
For a company, What's Up is about $1,500. I recall that kind of pricing some years back. So it is more expensive than you want as well.

Tools like Wireshark (free) and CommView (inexpensive) are able to track things, but the analysis is very detailed and not conducive to summarizing for management.
I just checked CommView. It a bit more promising but I'm looking for a report that details by Pc what sites they visited with a time stamp so i can take it to users and ask WHY...

I need to get tough with users and stop slapping their wrists. It's time for the hammer but I don;t have a good budget to work with.
I use CommView myself as a good tool, but like I say, it is detailed to use.

It does show source IP (PC used) but just using the IP address. That is what I meant above.
I installed proxy inspector but exited the setup because it's selections didn't match my network. Is there a good setup video available?

I'll try whatsupgold on Tuesday when I should have free time.
Higher priority issues have delayed my testing of thse apps, but I'll get back to it.
I ran into server backup problems have have not been able to get back to this. Sorry for the delay.
@TG-TIS  - Thank you and I was happy to help.