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I have a user with an HP 6530b laptop. It is running Windows 7 64-bit. The laptop will randomly reboot. It is on a dock, and the dock has been replaced with a good working dock.
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Make a memtest boot medium, and test a few hours with that. In the mean time, check if you have minidump files (if not, enable it), so we can analyse that later.
RafaelArchitect - Network Engineer - Instructor
Sounds like one of two things.

1. Memory issue in the Operating System  OR
2. Physical memory.

Using this Link you can read up on four good FREE memory testing programs.  I personally use Mem Test 86+  It allows me to test the hardware memory.

If you're still having issues after that I would suggest doing a checkdsk c: /x /f and check your system for corrupted or overlaid files that could be causing a memory conflict on the memory stacks when two programs conflict.

Let me know if this helps.
Systems Engineer
I recommend running a hardware diagnostics from HP.  Try downloading from here


It also includes firmware updates.  Sometimes docking stations need firmware updates as well which I've seen with Lenovos.  Try running it without the dock for easier troubleshooting.
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check in event logs for errors
or look if it made dmp files, and post the latest here
find these in windows\minidumps

it can also be overheating, so iinstall speedfan to monitor the temperatures


I did the memory test and the memory passed.

I will try running the system diagnostics now that the user is back in the office.


Hardware diagnostics did not find anything, however the error log found a problem with the video driver and the ethernet driver. The drivers were replaced and the laptop has been running for a week without randomly shutting down.

Another laptop had a similar problem, and replacing the memory (after doing a memtest) fixed that problem.

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