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Disk Cloning


I am looking for a cloning solution that will allow me to build a pc with the OS and all apps needed then remove that drive from the pc and using a USB drive cradle make an image of that drive then via the USB drive cradle push that image to another drive. All the systems I am trying to clone are identical in every way.
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Acronis True Image
You can use this:

Using your HDD cradle (2 bays) hooked to your laptop, take the hdd you have prepped > pop it into bay 1. Insert 2nd HDD or USB drive > run HDD RAW > have option to create image of the original.  Copy that image somewhere for storing.  Restore Image to new HDD.
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and use the create media option (in advanced options)
Make sure you make your Windows installation using a Volume License DVD since all others cannot be used for imaging (it's called imaging, not cloning).

And is there a particular reason you want to use the described method rather than a network based imaging solution (Microsoft has a very robust system in Windows Deployment Services).
To make a copy of source disk via sector level or file level see this link on how to clone your disk wtih EaseUS Todo Backup:
>>  then via the USB drive cradle push that image to another drive  <<  this will be very slow, USB2 is max480Mb/s
better is to connect the  (sata) drive directly to the sata connector of the pc if possible)

or use USB3 if you have that available on the install PC's

personally, i"'m using paragon software for this  - here the free tool , so you can test :      
but disk manager 2014 is good for your task!
I recommend clonezilla--also free for cloning and imaging 
Thee is also a server version to do multiple drives ar once--although that is not what you are asking for here (and more complicated)
or  - do the imaging in a desktop and install the drive then in the laptops - if needed
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

None of the suggestions help in resolving my issue
very strange that NONe suggestion helped? ?
several possible solutions were provided, the author did not respond to any of the comments
I agree, several suggestions and then no comments from questioner--if you tried some and you could not operate them or you had any errors you should have let use know so we could have helped you kore
I had to contact the manufacturer of the drive which was Seagate to inquire why none of the software(S) recommended would recognize the drive that I had in the USB cradle which was another Seagate drive it would always recognize drive 1  but it would not recognize drive 2 or the drive that I was cloning too. I contacted Seagate to inquire why none of the cloning software I have downloaded which was all that were recommended would not recognize the second drive. They couldn't give me an answer but sent me a link to their cloning software which was designed by Acronis but for Seagate called Seagate DiscWizard and I was able to clone from one USB cradle to another.

I appreciate all your suggestions, but since none of them worked I requested it to be closed and if one would have work you would of gotten the points...sorry for that.    
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