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Domain User Access Rights

I have a generic standard user account that needs to be able to shutdown and restart domain joined servers. Since doing some Microsoft patching the user can no longer perform these functions. I read that adding the user to any of these groups would accomplish the task: Server Operators, Print Operators, or Backup Operators. That is just not the case anymore. Adding the user to any of those groups did not give them shut down and restart capabilities.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Should I modify the Server Operator group to be able to do this?
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"shut down the system" is a privilege not held by the user. Adjust that.
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how do you adjust that?
Open secpol.msc, look for"user right assignment".
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CatholicTV, my solution works. next time please tell me where you are stuck at, so I can help you instead of closing :)
The solutions suggested did not work for what I was trying to accomplish. I figured out on my own what needed to be done.
Please be aware that this solution works as we use it ourselves. To become effective, the user would need to logoff and on again - maybe you missed that? But never mind.
Using your suggestion on the server in question I had no option to modify the local security settings because this server is on a domain. Also the appropriate user group was already added. The add user or group or remove option was greyed out.

User not only logged out they also rebooted and no change.