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I have a form where the user will select one or more report names and generate the reports.
Each report default title is in a table along with the displayed report name.
I would like to give the user the option of editing the text for each of the reports selected.

Currently I have a list box fed by a query.
Can I somehow add a defaulted text box to each item in the list, or, should I use a combo box and somehow add a text box to every entry (how?).
Or is there some other way to accomplish this?
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I would add a table with the user ID, the report ID and the report title. Now you can simply use a continous form where each user can select the wanted report by selecting the row of the form and then edit the title for the report.
On this way every user can have an own title for each report and you don't need a listbox or editbox. You can, if you want, add a combobox to faster select the wanted row if you have an extreme number of records (reports), but I guess that's not thecase.




Sounds like the way to go - thanks!

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