Google Chrome Exception Breakpoint has been reached.

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Found the following quote from a website that describes my problem precisely so I'm pasting it here:

"We are using citrix 6.5 with application streaming. Users are reporting the error below when ever they access a website that uses flash and/or shockwave when accessing the web sites from Google Chrome
Error: Exception Breakpoint. a breakpoint has been reached
0x8000003 occurred in the application at location 0x0f583ed6
We can replicate the issue fine, however, when we tried to access the websites using Google Chrome from the actual server desktop where the application is streamed from we do not get the error and it works fine.
Any ideas?"

The solution suggested was to disable PPAPI in Chrome.  While that does get rid of the error, you can't see anything that requires flash. My customer needs that ability so the answer won;t work for them. Need help on this.
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