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Open CSV file

When using Thunderbird on Windows 8 with Office 2013 I get an error trying to open csv files.

If I save the attachment to the desktop, etc I can then open it fine with Excel.  From within Thunderbird the attachment looks like it wants to open in Excel but I get an error message

We're sorry, but Excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly.  Would you like to repair.

Repairing does nothing.

DDE is disabled already.
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Try to import file instead of opening it (open Excel, go to Data tab, Select From Text):
Review the data itself. Excel has numerous issues with both csv and prior work saved by others. Simple examples confirm this more being cell application than database, but built-ins can also impact columnar form of data. For cellular level, excel has issues regarding handling of date, text, and numberical use for treatment of leading zeroes and scientific notation etc. As such, it leads to working better for saving of data than retrieving for csv. For retrieving csv consider reviewing source independently and consider a modification that can have cell data more clear to excel.

Where your data is form of simple table created outside excel, including other than csv, I find excel serves well enough with manual import enabling preview where you can predetermine how best to identify columnar format of data, presuming that to be consistent within. Therefor I concur with als315 that use of import. Quick test by creating simple table in excel, saving as csv, I'm unable to easily use excel's own 'open' csv file options (ex repair), but the data tab enables successful import of excel's creation even with my older 2003 version on Win 7.

A head's up though, this requires you to first create a new sheet.
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These files always opened from Outlook Express on XP without issue. Now on W8 / Thunderbird / Office 2013.
Office 2010(2013) has more requrements to file placement. When you are trying to open file from mail client, file is saved to some temporary location and opened. Some locations may be hidden, untrusted etc. Try to save file at first and open it. If file will be opened, problem is in Thunderbird's folder, where attached files are saved. You can change it to your personal folder, for example:
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This worked!  Thank you.