Permissions don't always auto push down to child objects

Kent Fichtner
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We are having an issue that sometimes (different folder and different file types and different users) a file doesn't inherit to the child objects.  Today we had a file that the parent folder had the correct permissions (the folder was inheriting from its parent) but the child object had different permissions.

This is fixed by re pushing the permissions, but when I tried to recreate the issue I couldn't.  I created a file on the root of C:\ and gave it static permissions.  when I put it in the folder on the share, the permissions were replaced with the inherited permissions.

We are using windows 2003 and backup the server with Backup exec, we have auditing turning on but not on that folder.
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CoralonSenior Citrix Engineer
If you move a file within the same file system, you will see exactly the same behavior you are describing.  

A move within NTFS causes the Master File Table to have it's entry rewritten, but the file entry itself is not modified, so the permissions remain the same.  

When you create a file in NTFS, that is when NTFS inherits the permission.  Copying the file involves a creation in that same NTFS systems, or across drives again, results in a creation.

Now.. is that the case for you?

If you want to change the default behaviour of Windows Explorer, see

As far as I remember the command prompt isn't affected by the registry key, therefore ist only half of a solution

And for Vista and up you have to install a hotfix

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