replication error in AD 8453 (only between servers at each site)

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I have 8 sites, 6 of which have 2 DC's for each site.

When I run repadmin /syncall I get errors syncing between the servers at each individual  site, (never between sites)

When I run the same command at sites that only have 1 DC I do not get any errors?

The error is always for 2 DC's in the same site.

Below is a sample error message,

Error issuing replication: 8453 (0x2105):
    Replication access was denied.
    From: c9126299-3978-4557-bc50-e27ffac6c2fc._msdcs.domain.local
    To  : 636128e2-0d98-4e60-ab76-bfb6297f55e9._msdcs.domain.local
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