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joshsarmymom used Ask the Experts™
Is it possible for someone to have dragged or "accidentally" created each of their contacts into individual contact subfolders in their Outlook Contacts folder?

Customer states when she clicked on her Contacts folder yesterday while in another office on her laptop, all were there but now all gone. When I look at her mailbox, I see all her contacts listed as separate subfolders and the top-level Contacts folder is empty. almost as if she moved them all into new folders.

She of course says she didn't do anything so i'm trying to find out if there's any way it could happen other than a manual creation?

We are running Outlook 2010. I've confirmed nothing in Recover Deleted Items as well.
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System Architect
What version of exchange?  When you say you see the contacts listed as subfolders, do you mean that the folders have contact attributes, or that the subfolder contains a contact object like you would expect to see in the normal contacts folder?

I cannot imagine a scenario that would cause this to happen, but my first suspicion is a mobile device.

I suggest you break partnership with mobile devices and restore her contacts folder from backup.


Exchange 2007 sp3. Outlook 2010.
Yes, the contacts are listed separately as subfolders (contact icon). I'm told no mobile device was used at all; just a notebook in  different office. (???)

I will place all the contacts back into the top-level Contacts folder but just had no clue what could possibly do this if "I did nothing" is the response.
jrhelgesonSolutions Architect
It could be a bug in whatever app she was using.  I've seen apps do things that should never be possible - such as an I phone user being able to delete meetings for all users scheduled by another person.

A screenshot of this would be really helpful so we could see what this looks like.
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OK, lets say, there are sometimes some functions, nobody ever have used or just in there secretly and never documented and / or possibly removed again.
In Outlook there is a fuction "move to folders", so possibly with all items marked then moved around the mouse with some additional keys pressed....

So if you try to reproduce it, take a computer which has exactly the same office version like your customer. As it seems to happen (i don't believe that your customer moved all of them by hand), you can try to find out, in which way....


I've been unable to recreate the issue so at this point, i'm just going to close the question. Thank you


Unfortunately I was unable to provide more information as I've had difficulty working with the customer to get more info for troubleshooting and am unable to recreate the issue.

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