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Juniper BGP Configuration migration to Cisco

I was just wondering if there is a tool or what I need to do to properly migrate over the BGP configuration from a Juniper box to a Cisco router, specifically the BGP filter and policy.

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I ddi the exact same thing.

@LateNaite  - Thank you and good luck with setting up your Cisco routers.
I had a follow up question -

Where do you check with the Juniper SRX router that tells if there is any policy routing such as MED, Local preference.etc.

There should be a tab (left side) on your Juniper setup for Policies. It is in Policies that you set up routing policies.

You need the VPN tab to set up the VPN connection points.

You need the Objects tab to set up Users and things associated with users.
Hi John,

It seems the GUI doesn't work (I tried http and https but none works). Just wondering how I can enable that.

When you put in the external or internal IP address, you should see the following screen.

User generated image
You need to enable remote management, I think.

Google for Juniper Netscreen remote management command line and you should find the Juniper PDF command line reference. The command for remote management is (according to the manual, at the command line interface):

set global enable

I use Juniper Netscreen SSG devices, so make sure you get the manual for SRX