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I have a simple pivot table that is comprised of a state filter, a number amount for donations given in the rows and I'm using a unique identifier as a value.  I am trying to get it so that I can put a range on the donation amounts so I can count who has given in the 100-250, 251-500 etc...  For some reason the grouping options on the pivot table are grayed out.  I have tried converting the field to a number and removing all rows with blank values but nothing is working.

Thanks for the help.
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How simple, such as layout, sheet. To remove grey out should be easy enough to select in table, which could include pivot cell or range of something like column sorted by amount. Less simple when not all possible amounts represented or constant offset (eg 100-199, 200-299...offset of 100). Columns can be hidden.

Presuming the donations are already totaled by unique value (ex annual for individual/institution). Considering layout where the 1st columns (rows) handle amounts, remaining columns separate a state or selected states such as for some region, and the data represents the unique identifier, consider that you can take the source table and add column to identify grouping (ex: text indication for sorting groups of low medium high etc) you can then try formula for the column based on amount. Nest IF statements from low to high or from high to low. From former, using numerical representation, if less then 100 then 0, else if less than 250 the 100, else if less than 500 then 250 else 500 (or continue on). Such a new group would be defined by a minimum level of contribution. This can be adjusted, such as changing 500 to 499 or 501 or 600 to adapt to changing needs. It can also be easily changed to represent group's maximum contribution (up to) rather than minimum (at least), either can be converted to text of progressing value for group.

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