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Inter VLAN Communication on Cisco ASA

I have split Internet traffic between 2 providers based on internal VLANs.  Some VLANs I have going out through ISP 1, while others I have going out ISP 2.  I have attached a quick network diagram of how I have the network setup.  The Internet portion is working great, however, it doesn't appear that devices on one VLAN can fully talk to devices on another.  Pinging devices from VLAN 1 to VLAN 7 works as does pinging from VLAN 7 to VLAN 1.  The DHCP server that is in VLAN 1 is successfully handing out addresses to VLAN 7.  RDP, Fileshares, and all other services I have tried will not traverse across VLANs.  VLAN 7 was an existing VLAN before splitting the Internet and all services were working as expected before adding the ASA firewall and changing the 10.249 network's default gateway to be the ASA's interface.  Details:

VLAN 1: /16
Uses ISP 1 for Internet

VLAN 7: /16
Uses ISP 2 for Internet

There is a route in the router that points all 10.249 traffic to  As a test, I circumvented this by adding a route statement to a host on VLAN 1 to point all 10.249 traffic to (the VLAN 1 interface of the ASA).  Unfortunately, inter VLAN communication was still not fully functioning.  I am new to the ASA, so my guess is that it is a simple config error on the firewall, but I don't know enough about the device to troubleshoot further.  I have attached the config for (HP Procurve layer 3 switch) and the ASA 5515-x.  Thanks for the help.
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Thanks for the reply.  The router is managed by a third party, so I submitted a ticket to have the route changed from to for the 10.249 network.  I am hopeful the asymmetric routing you indicate will be cleared up by this change.  I will give it  a test as soon as the change is made and report back.  Thanks again.
Once the route on was modified, traffic seems to be flowing as expected.  Thanks for your help.