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On one of our domain servers I am getting system process 4 with high network activity. I see that it is trying to contact other servers in the domain but not sure why it is taking up so much bandwidth. I will range from 1mb to almost 2, we unfortunately only have a 1.5mb pipe so it is killing the network connection. Any ideas as to why and any ways to try to track this down better? Everything I am finding online is rather vague.

As a side note, it does not stay that high forever. I don't know actually how long it stays up there but I have seen it go for 20min to about an hour. Also we have a rather simple domain with about 12 dc's But all the dc's are pointing back to the primary dc.
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You probably want to run netmon or wireshark to capture the traffic  on the server to see which process is taking up the bandwidth


I already know what the process is, was looking for more info as to what that particular process id was.

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