same outlook client accessing multiple shared mailboxes from two different profiles

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My help desk team is running into an issue where each member of staff is running into issues when they try to open many shared mailboxes from its outlook profile. According to MS this is a known issue, that will be fixed on Exchange 2013 and outlook 2013

As a workaround, we have implemented a solution for each member of HD staff to access multiple shared mailboxes:

1. Create an outlook profile called Peter1 which have access to a set of 5 shared mailboxes
2. Create a second outlook profile called Peter2 which will have access to another set of different shared mailboxes

This workaround work well for most staff , however there is one member of the service desk department that is still unable to access those shared mailboxes

I have removed, re-add the user Peterxxx to have full access over the shared mailboxes and no luck

Is there a better way to fix this issue? is there a long-term solution that could be implemented to deal with this issue?

Please advice

Our platform: Exchange 2010 SP3 servers, 2 CAS&HUB for each datacenter, 2 MBX in a DAG, one MBX for each datacenter

Outlook version: 2010, 2013,

Windows 7 & 8 desktop OS version
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The issue you are referring to has to do with Outlook creating too many connections to the server while trying to cache the additional mailboxes. The fix is to disable caching for the shared mailboxes. To do this, go into the server settings in the Outlook profile, click More Settings, go to the Advanced tab and uncheck "Download shared folders". Restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.



is this applicable for Exchange 2010 /outlook 2010 and Exchange 2013/outlook 2013?

I was under the impression this will be fixed on Exchange 2013/outlook 2013

Any KB article related to this thread?
It occurs in Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013. The problem would not occur as often with Exchange 2013 as it allows more connections.

Here is the KB -


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