PCB recycle / gold recovery from old cell phone boards

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Hi I have about 150 old motorola nextel IDEN phones. Most of them are the same model. I was wondering how to recover as much money as I can from them? Should I sell the phones online (on ebay maybe)? I have looked at closed listings from ebay it looks like they will bring in minimum $1 USD per phone. So I could start the auction at $150  USD. Or would it be worth it to remove some chips from the mainboard and sell the indivigual gold plated chips? Below are photos of one of the circuit boards

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Fast turnaround is always good business, so you can reinvest your
money from the sale of the phones.

So ebay is my best tip
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>>  Or would it be worth it to remove some chips from the mainboard and sell the indivigual gold plated chips  <<   i think there's some gold on the board connections also, so selling the chips alone would be a bad idea
There is as much gold in 41 cell phones as there is in one ton of gold ore.
That said, this refers to maybe $40 in gold in 71 phones.
At the time of the article it appears to be roughly $2 per phone.

We sell on Ebay and if you go that route you need to consider shipping and handling for the weight of so many phones. It's not very practical to sell a computer monitor on Ebay because it might cost $25-$30 to ship it. Not many buyers will pay that much.

Gather the weight of all your phones and see what it is.

If the front plates come off and are interchangable you might sell the plates. I got $8 for 4 plates.
Ebay is a good guide on rare metal content. The completed auctions you've looked at will give you an good average of what you can expect.



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