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Question regarding Host Profiles and reconnecting a host to a cluster

Hello everyone. We are in the process of updating the RAID controller firmware on our hosts due to an issue the current firmware that doesn't seem to be playing nice with ESXi 5.1U2. (See THIS link)

We move all of the VMs and templates from the host and then put it in maintenance mode. we turn off the host and update the firmware. Then what we did with a couple hosts is remove it from vCenter and then reinstall esxi (we want to make sure everything is fresh). We then add the host back to the cluster and apply a host profile that we took before shutting it down and reinstalling.

My 2 questions are:
1. When attaching and applying the host profile to the host it says its not compliant. Even though we copied it from the same host before uninstalling. Everything looks to be working but im not sure if im messing anything up by keeping it in a non compliant state.

2. I was thinking, instead of removing the host from the cluster i will just do the above and then reconnect it to the cluster. but im not sure if that will cause any problems. I'm pretty sure it will prompt me to accept the key again when re-adding but would anything else be messed up by doing it this way?

thank you.
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Agreed. I'm just not sure what it is. i will need to go through the host profile and comb through i guess. But we kept all the adapters, vswitches and nics the same. we didn't change any hardware.

if i detach host profile does that remove all vswitches, dvswitches, etc?
Have you checked the vmnic order is the same, we've installed ESXi many times on different hosts, and found the vmnic order changes!

e.g. is the vmnic to physical nic mapping identical
Why you are reinstalling on firmware update? Maximum you may upgrade related hardware driver...
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I guess i'm being overly cautious.
How would you get around in my place with >70 ESXi hosts?
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With that many hosts, i think it would be to do some automation.
On the latest driver tune
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One thing i see is that the Software iSCSI on a couple machines changed from vmhba39 to vmhba41. I then see in the profile things like:

Host state doesn't match specification: Rule 65435 of class VAAI needs to be deleted from the host

Specification state absent from host: device naa.6000402001d812bd7cd88a5500000000 parameters needs to be set to Is Perennially Reserved = "false"

Specification state absent from host: device eui.0011223344550001 parameters needs to be set to Is Perennially Reserved = "false"

The last two i think have to do with my SANs. I also see others like that.
anything different, e.g. hba numbering can cause profiles to be non-compliant.
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yes. it looks like my software iscsi adpater on a couple servers changed from vmhba39 to vmhba41

not sure why. probably something with 5.1?
It always happens, random events can occur, when installing, and hba numbering changes, this can be rectified by editing the configuration files.