Slow Internet on local Network

jkellyg78 used Ask the Experts™
Does anyone know what would cause IE to load webpages slowly? The last couple of weeks; everyone in our building has had this issue. The internet speed tests says its fine, but pages load slowly. I can use google chrome though and it seems much more normal.

Thank for any help
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I think a 3rd party Tool is the cause.

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

Test if it's still slowly.
xaichenSenior Analyst


This maybe a long shot, but have you tried checking/unchecking (reverse what it is currently) the 'Automatically Detect Settings' box in Tools . Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings

Also does your organisation use any sort of webcache/proxy server between the PCs and the Internet?

Also try running IE in 'no addons' mode to see if maybe a 3rd party plugin is causing the issue (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons))

Best regards.


Thanks for the responses.

We don't use a proxy server. I'm not sure if its an add-on issue because around 50 computers on our Network all have had the same issue the last couple weeks. And we haven't changed anything on our Network...
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I'm discovering that other browsers are actually running slow as well. I'm trying to figure out if its an issue with my ISP or what?
Ok so this is what I discovered. It was actually a firmware update that I installed on my SonicWall Router.

The latest firmware update that I installed was an early release. I had to install a general release firmware previous to the one I installed a couple of weeks ago. Now the internet is working as it should. Also when I went back to a previous firmware; I lost most of my settings except my password. fortunately I had a couple backups of the settings; so it didn't take long to restore.

So apparently, never install a prelease update from Sonicwall ever!

Thanks for the input guys


Because this was the issue

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