Using Exchange Online Protection With Backup Linux Server

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I have exchange 2010 running on SBS 2011. I would like to use Exchange Online Protection in standalone mode (so that exchange continues to run in-house) but I am running in to a couple of issues:

1. Documentation Only Available For 2013

The documentation that exists seems to only exist for exchange 2013:

Is there specific documentation for 2010?

2. I have a backup offsite server that stores email if my main exchange server is down

Since our exchange server is hosted in a small office we can have outages from the power going down, the internet going down, or the server simply crashing and burning. Because of this I have a dedicated linux server hosted at a datacenter which is our primary MX server. It simply redirects the mail to our exchange server unless our exchange server isn't available, in which case it holds the mail until the exchange server becomes available again.

Is there specific documentation for EOP for exchange 2010 and how do I continue to have the redundancy provided to me by the Linux server? Or will EOP provide that redundancy for me and I would no longer need the dedicated server?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Its a very similar process in 2010, but instead you configure the Send and Receive connectors.

For inbound you lock down your Receive Connector to only accept messages from the EOP IPs. Personally, I prefer to restrict this at my firewall.

Found outbound you configure your Send Connector to send to the EOP smart host.

Then you cut over your MX records to point to EOP.

You don't want any MX records pointing to anything other than EOP so spammers don't just bypass EOP altogether. Same goes for the IP restrictions. Otherwise spammers will bypass EOP and directly connect to your firewalls Public IP where they detect port 25 is open.

With regard to Exchange Online, I was having a bear of time finding the documentation, but it was formerly known as FOPE. FOPE would store mail for up to 5 days if your server was down. It would keep trying to reconnect to your server every 20 minutes for delivery. After 5 days it sends an NDR to the original sender.

Hope this helps!

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