How does AddContactFromOutlook command in Access map fields?

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I am using the Sales Pipleline database template that comes with Access 2007/2010 and there seems to be an error in the Save Contact to Outlook and Add Contact from Outlook commands.

All that the command button does is fire a macro that runs AddContactFromOutlook, (or SaveAsOutlookContact) however the street address does not come over during the import. Same with a save, the street address isn't saved.

I looked at the Contacts database template that uses the same command buttons, and it works!  I can not figure out what the difference is between the two samples.

I even tried importing the Contacts table into the Sales Pipeline, and used it to replace the Customers table.  This fixed the problem, but the Employees table suffers from the same error.

I searched EE, and Googled the internet, but have not been able to find anything that tells me how these command work.

Attached are blank examples of both templates.
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Not sure, as I was not able to replicate the issue (the "add from Outlook" button did not work for me, for whatever reason in Access 2013)

All I can suggest is that you examine the table that works closely.
Then duplicate each field "exactly" (Field names, and all field properties and settings)
...into the database where this feature does not work.

If the fields in both systems are not "exactly" the same...
...mapping fields always will require some manual intervention
(example: Outlook allows for 3 distinct addresses, emails and phone numbers for each contact)
In the bigger picture...
...this is the issue with having contacts in two different locations. (In Access and in Outlook)
What I tend to do is keep the two separate.
The contacts in Outlook are people I need to "Contact".
The people I store in any Access databases are specific that "business" databases purpose (Customers, Employees, ...etc)

In my case, very few Outlook "Contacts" end up being needed in any of my other databases.
So adding a few manually is no big deal.

Things like this just end up being too confusing if you try to "share" (Updates, Deletes, Additions,, ...etc) info between two systems, with two separate purposes.

Finally, you can always use code like this to programmatically import Outlook data to Access, then set your own filed names to handle he maping.

Hope this helps



Thanks for the help Jeff ...

What I ended up doing is importing the table from the version that worked to replace the two in the version that didn't - which solved the problem.

Still don't know why ...

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