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Inserting the value of a cell within a text cell in Excel

I have a text cell, for example purposes, A4, that reads:

'Using [   ]Discounted  [   ]Cash Flow  [   ]Both

IF, A1 has an "X" in the cell, I want the line to read...

'Using [ X ]Discounted  [   ]Cash Flow  [   ]Both

IF, A2 has an "X" in the cell, I want the line to read...

'Using [ X ]Discounted  [ X ]Cash Flow  [   ]Both

IF BOTH, A1 and A2 have "X"s in their respective cell, I want the line to read...

'Using [   ]Discounted  [   ]Cash Flow  [ X ]Both

Because of this spreadsheet being used by different versions of Excel, I DO NOT want to use a script or any add-in language.  I know the cell will be somewhat convoluted but it is the best I can do given the task.
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After playing with the formula just a little (the default with nothing checked had Both checked as the default) it worked.  

Thanks, I have two more to work out which I will post if I cannot reason them out with what I learned by your solution.