add web usage monitoring directly on GT704WGB

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GT704WGB is from verizon dsl.. i asked verizon i would like to monitor a report what websites/how long each computer is using on the dsl network. but they are not able to help.

what efficient tools are available to add to a router to do that?
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i dont think router can do to that.. you should get a monitoring tool for that like a proxy server or UTM devices.


will the proxy server be hardware or software? will it be between the telephone jack & GT704WGB?

What is UTM? can you suggest one?
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you can tell where someone has browsed to but you really can't tell how long they've been on the site.. For instance, if i bring up nettflix my browser doesn't send any more requests.. I could have just brought up the main page and then closed the browser. You can use screen capture utilities (monitoring software) and while the employee is unaware take a screen capture every second or every minute or so.. It will be a full time job if you have a lot of employees to monitor. Most routers you can tell the amount of traffic per ip address  With an enterprise plan with OpenDNS you can block sites, and monitor DNS requests

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