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Disable sendmail completely

I am using Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 (Taroon Update 8)
I have used the following command trying to stop the 'sendmail' service
# chkconfig sendmail off
and I found that the service should have stopped as I got the following output on the command:
# chkconfig --list sendmail
sendmail  0:off 1:off  2:off  3:off  4:off  5:off  6:off

However, when I use the 'top' command to check on the process running, I found that the sendmail still exist even after I rebooted the server.
The same is also found when I use the following command to grep the 'sendmail' process:
# ps -ef|grep sendmail

we got lots of below lines on running the above:
smmsp   26575 24215  0  07:08  ?  00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sendmail -FCronDaemon -I -odi -oem -oi -t

How can I really disabled the sendmail service as I found that it is taking up much resources and it is not required at my server
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Check the crontab or completely remove sendmail  -
crontab -e 
yum remove sendmail-base sendmail-cf sendmail-doc

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Good catch. Haven't use up2date for awhile :)