IBM AME Setting(PowerVM)

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When we turn on the AME and put in an expansion factor, Do we need to reactivate the profile(reboot), For the configuration to be permanent. Or reboot is not required..???

If the AME is active, I change the expansion factor, Do I need to activate the profile...???
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AME activatio nrequires a hard reboot via HMC.

So you must shut down and restart the LPAR ("hard reboot") to make AME active . Use the HMC for this, "reboot" or "shutdown -r" on the AIX commandline will not be sufficient!

Once activated the expansion factor can ce dynamically altered via "Dynamic LPAR > Memory Add/Remove". No reboot necessary.
Change the value in the LPAR profile as well to make the setting permanent (i.e. survive the next hard reboot).

Please note that you need an HMC for AME. IVM does not support it.


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