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Connecting two HP 5900AF switches together

These are the ports in use on both switches:

Port 1/0/1 - connected to Dell storage (PS 6110)
Port 1/0/17 - connected to Dell storage (PS 4110)
Ports 1/0/33-36 - connected to Dell hosts (R620s)

These are the settings on the ports for both switches:

Port access Vlan 70
Speed 10000
Duplex full
STP service disabled globally

In this current configuration, the storage is protected from a failure at a cable/switch failure.

I need to protect the storage in case of a cable from the host storage card or the port fails.

Is it possible to bond two ports on each switch and create a 20GB uplink? Would this be a trunking config or LACP? Will I need to turn on STP on those ports or will the switch see it as a single port? I am not familiar with Comware CLI; some examples commands would be very helpful.

I do have a ticket in with HP regarding this but they are taking their sweet time.
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you need to do network teaming in the server and enable lacp in the switch...

if you can also sfp+ tranceiver to do it...
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It looks like I can setup a bridge-aggregation group on both switches, then I have to decide if I want to use LACP for this group. There are no media converters involved. It is just two cat6 cables connecting the switches together. So the risk of cabling errors and configuration errors are none; this points to a static setup. I know agreggation is stable in static mode as well. At this point any feedback regarding static or LACP would be greatly appreciated.
erm if not mistaken you need 20G and what is the throughput per port of your switch?

let say 1 GB you need 20 port and do you have 20GB for your port in server?

Also you need LACP to make every port as active mode.
another question is you connect this 20GB to your server??

If yes then you need 20GB network card in your server or team it to 20GB

As there is no media converters present, we can go with Static. But I would go for LACP, in case there is a change in the network.

Here is another link on this - Link
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The switches are 10Gb. There are 48 ports that are 10Gb (copper) and four ports that are 40Gb SFP+. I am just trying to connect them both via the copper ports; also stacking is not an option.
ok then aggregation or etherchannel will do..
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I talked with support and using more than one port will not provide any additional bandwidth. It will just provide redundancy. For now i am going with a single port link. Thanks.