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Alexandre Takacs
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I have been tasked with a downgrade task from Win8 to 7 (64 bits in both cases).

I have used the Win8 "easy transfer" tool to create an archive of the original machine and I'm having a problem to open it under win7. The file is recognized, the (basic) password is accepted but the program then throws a very unhelpful "Windows Easy Transfer couldn't open the file ". Nothing in the event log.

I guess that this scenario has not been fully tested by MS ?

Any idea / suggestion most welcome !
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Are all the files in the same location ?

Here is some MS troubleshooting on this:
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I would consider it very unlikely that you'll get this to work - DOWNGRADES are not generally supported.  They are often licensed, but not supported.  You want to use a WET from Win8 and restore it to Win7 right?  Don't think it's going to be possible.  You'll almost certainly have to manually restore the contents of the folders and most of the registry portion of the profile will probably not transfer.


Don't understand the question about file location ?

I agree that I might be out of luck - that being said I would have at the very least expected some sanity check from the program itsself - say "This mig file has been produced for a later version of the utility". Even better a way to install the latest utility on Win7...
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The easy transfer tool of Windows 8 has limited functionality compared to that of Windows 7 anyway. All it does is save the files in a user's profile, it doesn't store any settings or such. You might as well just copy the contents of the profiles directories to a backup location and restore that copy to the freshly upgraded Windows 7 system manually. M$ seems to have the impression that using the m$ OneDrive user profiles to sync user settings is enough.


Thanks for those comments - I can confirm that downgrade is not supported at all and fails miserably (ie. there is not even a check that the file has not been produced by a more recent version of the application). All in all completely useless app in this context.

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