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remove a password i have set on my access 2010 database


I have set a password on my access 2010 database and now wish to remove it.

I know the password but i am unable to find a way to remove it.

If i open it in exclusive mode I am promtped to put in the password and then i get to option to set a new password. But whatever i enter its says "not a valid password" if i try and set a new one.

Totally miffed by this so would appreciate any assistance
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You'll find quite good instructions here

The key thing is that you must have exclusive access (no sharing) to the database when changing/removing the password
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Hi Eirman,

I have already opened the db in exclusive mode but the option to "Decrypt" the database is not there, even though i have previously encrypted it with a password.?
Sorry Andrew, I just spotted that you mentioned using exclusive mode in your original question.

I'll do a bit more research
many thanks
Did you try decompiling the database to repair any corruption?

Did you try importing everything into an new blank database?
Can you log into the database using your current password?

This Microsoft KB article shows how to decrypt:

If you do NOT see the Decrypt option, then either (a) you're working on the wrong database (or wrong copy) or (b) there's something wrong with the installation of Office (or Windows) or (c) there's something wrong with the database.

Obviously you should be sure you're working on the correct database (and I'm sure you are).

Make sure that your Windows and Office installations are fully up to date.

If there is something wrong with the database, then as Eirman suggests moving to a new, blank database may help - but you have to be able to log into the current database first.
yes i have compiled the db and decomplied the db

i am now importing all the forms, queries, modules, reports into a new database (without a password) as this seems to be the only option available to me.
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works a treat